Monday, November 12, 2012

Turning Dance Frustration Into Inspiration

Do you ever feel frustrated in dance class? Sometimes feel hopeless? I know I have, many times. It seems as though you work really hard to perfect a dance move, but it seems like you are actually getting worse in the process. But there are a few tips to turn your frustration into something positive:

F - Don’t forget that dance is supposed to be something you enjoy doing. Use that joy. Don't focus on just one move. Let yourself dance to any music just for fun.

R - The world is not going to end if you can’t get this particular move. Your mind needs to relax as much as your body. Take a moment, relax, and then start practicing again. Or wait until the next day or class.

U - Unite with other dancers to help each other out. Go over your frustrating moves together so you can all feel better about what you’re doing and improve.

S - If you feel like screaming when you get home, vent your frustrations. Scream, beat a pillow, anything to release negativity. Then, share your frustrations with a friend or family member. You’ll feel better about what you’re doing and be able to calm down a bit so you can move forward.

T - If you work on one particular dance move for a long time, take a break. Get a drink of water. Go outside. Eat a snack. Let your mind wander, and give your body some time off. Then you’ll be ready to go back into the studio and try again.

 R - Make sure that your body gets enough sleep and rest.

A - Allow yourself to learn. Don’t get so caught up in not getting a particular dance step that you don’t learn in the process. Allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them.

T - Take notes. If you can’t seem to get a particular dance step, take notes. Make a video of yourself doing the moves, have a friend critique you and write down how you can improve.

I - Imagine yourself doing the steps perfectly. The mental image will inspire you dance better and keep you in a positive mindset.

O - Own your own body. Let yourself move and fail. Watch yourself and others, and you'll see what is working for you and what needs working on.

N - Never give up. If you truly love what you're doing, then the obstacles in your way will only make you persist in overcoming them. Give your mind and body nourishment - whatever kind that works for you as an individual.

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